Soft starter__by PETER electronic

PETER electronic sets your machines intelligently in motion, controls them reliably, and brings them to a standstill in a controlled way.
PETER electronic's softstart systems enable low-wear and gentle starting of your machines and plants. A Soft starter prevents unnecessary, jerky motions and high mechanical stress and reduces current peaks otherwise occurring during the start-up of motors.

Our Soft starters offer you these advantages:

  • Reduce your routine maintenance costs
  • Extend the lifetime of your equipment
  • Protect the mechanical components of the drive
  • Avoid pressure surges in pump systems
  • Protect the electrical network (no current peaks; negligible voltage dips)
  • Easy to operate free of maintenance
  • Can be retrofitted into existing plants without any problems
  • Simpler cabling than using star-delta-starting


  • We offer you competent technical support
  • We develop individual solutions
  • That is quality and service - "made in Germany"

Advantages of Soft start __as compared to direct start

Acceleration and deceleration - asynchronous motor directly connected to mains
Optimized motor start with Soft starter

Applications__Soft starters in use

Our soft starters can be used for these applications: saws, milling machines, planers, cutting machines, dryers, conveyors, passenger lifts, belt drives, chain drives, traveling/rotary mechanisms, mills, presses, crushers, door and gate drives, vibrators, transformer soft start, electric pumps, heat pumps, vacuum pumps, ventilators and fans, cranes, traveling cranes, exhaust systems, compressors, power agitators, centrifuges, pressure cleaners, vibration screening machines, vibrating conveyors, offset presses.